Mayor Soglin Proclaims “Jazz Appreciation Month” in the City of Madison

19 Mar

City of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, a great appreciator of the value of a vibrant live music scene to our community’s quality of life, has joined his peers around the country in proclaiming April as “Jazz Appreciation Month.” Here is the text of his proclamation.

WHEREAS, jazz is an original American art form that affirms the noblest aspirations of our national character, individual discipline, perseverance, and innovation; and

WHEREAS, jazz has produced some of America’s leading creative artists and ranks as one of America’s greatest exports to the world; and

WHEREAS, jazz has inspired dancers, choreographers, poets, novelists, filmmakers, classical composers, and musicians in many other kinds of music; and

WHEREAS, we honor and recognize the outstanding work that all jazz artists, educators, and enthusiasts present; and

WHEREAS, jazz has spoken eloquently of freedom for people in the United States and abroad, and has become an international language that bridges differences and brings people of all races, ages, and backgrounds together; and

WHEREAS the month of April was designated in 2001 as Jazz Appreciation Month by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History to encourage communities around the United States to celebrate and pay tribute to jazz as both a living and historic musical art form; and

WHEREAS, members of the United States Conference of Mayors have participated in Jazz Appreciation Month for the past six years; and

WHEREAS a vibrant music scene contributes much to the economic health and high quality of life enjoyed by Madisonians; and

WHEREAS the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium was established in 2012 as a coalition of presenting organizations, educational institutions and programs, and supportive media that aims to strengthen our community’s jazz scene; and

WHEREAS the Jazz Consortium’s partner organizations will be staging a rich variety of public programs around the City during April 2014;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Mayor of the City of Madison does hereby proclaim April 2014 as JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH in the City of Madison and encourage Madisonians of all ages to visit to learn about the concerts and educational programs being presented in our community during Jazz Appreciation Month.


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