The Greater Madison Jazz Consortium is a new partnership of nonprofit presenting organizations (Madison Music Collective, Wisconsin Union Theater, Madison Jazz Society, and Midwest Gypsy Swing Festival), educators (UW School of Music, Madison Metropolitan School District Fine Arts Office, and Madison Jazz Jam), and WORT-FM, with additional support from the Jazz Institute of Chicago and local media (Isthmus and Capital City Hues). Working together, these partners will pursue five common goals aimed at creating a more vibrant and sustainable local jazz scene:

• Expanding and diversifying the local audience for jazz,
• Deepening audience understanding and appreciation of the music,
• Cultivating the next generation of jazz musicians and appreciators,
• Increasing performance opportunities for local jazz musicians, and
• Increasing the capacity of local jazz presenters to book higher-profile performing artists.

In its first year, 2012-13, and supported by a $44,100 grant from the John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation, Consortium members are conducting an array of initiatives to strengthen the presence of jazz in our K-12 public schools, to expand our jazz presenting organizations’ programming and their booking of higher-profile jazz performers, and to find new donors and sponsors and to seek increased support from the ones they already have. This Spring, the Consortium members will also complete a strategic plan that identifies a set of high-priority initiatives to further strengthen Greater Madison’s jazz scene in the coming years.

For a description of all the initiatives the Consortium members are undertaking during 2012-13, please visit


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