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Greater Madison Jazz Consortium and the Goodman Community Center Present the Premiere Concert by the “Live Soundz on Saturday” Student Ensemble: Thursday, November 20th @ 6:00 PM

19 Nov

Photo_Live Soundz Students at Work_Thylas, Stone and Leo Come cheer on the next generation of jazz musicians as this new ensemble of middle- and high-school-age student musicians perform their premiere concert, and outgrowth of the new pilot jazz education program partnership between the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium and Goodman Community Center called “Live Soundz on Saturday.”   The concert begins at 6:00 PM, in the Evjue Room of the Goodman Center, 149 Waubesa Street, on Madison’s Near East Side.

Since October 11th, these serious young musicians have been coming to the Goodman Center bright and early on Saturday mornings for 3 hours of work with teaching musicians Hanah Jon Taylor, Rand Moore, Charlie Painter, Zach Watson and Eric Miller, and they’re now ready to show friends, family, and community members what they’ve learned in the program’s first five weeks in a free 30-minute performance as part of the Center’s Family Fun Night event.

The Live Soundz teachers will kick off the concert with the Sonny Rollins standard, “St. Thomas,” followed by the students and their teachers performing in various combinations on Duke Ellington’s “C Jam Blues,” an original piece called “Memories” by Live Soundz student Safi Sinse, Kenny Garrett’s “Sing a Song of Songs,” and wrapping up with Alicia Keys’ “Unbreakable.”

The Fall session of “Live Soundz on Saturday” is made possible by grants to the Jazz Consortium from the John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation, the Madison Arts Commission (with additional support from the Wisconsin Arts Board), and the Evjue Foundation (charitable arm of The Capital Times).


The Jazz Consortium is Recruiting for a K-8 Guest Artist Program Coordinator

18 Dec

The Greater Madison Jazz Consortium is now hiring for another of its new part-time contracted positions: “K-8 Guest Artist Program Coordinator.” This position will work with school music teachers to bring working professional jazz musicians into local elementary and middle schools to enhance music instruction.

The description for this new position is presented below. Please note that the qualifications listed represent the attributes of the “ideal candidate,” while the applicant we hire will be the one having the best mix of these attributes.

To apply, please submit (a) a professional resume and (b) a 1-2 page narrative describing how your background and experience align well with the “primary qualifications” listed in the position description. Please submit your resume and narrative as email attachments, to hlandsman@tds.net. The deadline for receipt of applications is day’s end Sunday, January 26, 2014. (If you applied for one of the Jazz Consortium’s previously-announced Program Coordinator positions, you need not re-submit your resume.)

Applicants for these positions will be screened by Consortium board members, and finalists will be invited to an interview. We plan to hold interviews the morning of Tuesday, 2/4/14, to make our hiring decision at the Consortium’s 2/11/14 Board meeting, and to have the Program Coordinator’s work begin no later than 3/1/14.

If you have questions or would like more information about these job opportunities, please email hlandsman@tds.net. Thanks for your consideration.

Howard Landsman, Chairman
Greater Madison Jazz Consortium



Legal Status: The K-8 Guest Artist Program Coordinator will be a contractor (not an employee) of the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium (GMJC).

Term: March 1, 2014 – September 30, 2014, with the potential for extension

Compensation: $20/hour, up to a maximum of $4,000

Work Hours: Hours are capped at 200 for the term of this agreement, but may be increased upon mutual agreement between GMJC and the K-8 Guest Artist Program Coordinator. The number of work hours will likely vary from week to week, depending on workload and other relevant considerations.

Supervision: The K-8 Guest Artist Program Coordinator will be supervised by the Chair of the GMJC Board of Directors (currently Howard Landsman).

Goal: The K-8 Guest Artist Program Coordinator will provide leadership for GMJC’s pursuit of the following goals:

• Cultivating the next generation of jazz musicians and appreciators
• Creating a more supportive economic climate for our community’s jazz musicians
• Expanding and diversifying the local jazz audience

Scope of Services: The work of the K-8 Guest Artist Program Coordinator will focus on, but not be limited to, the following duties.

• Identify capable professional jazz musicians who are interested in serving as guest artists in local K-8 schools, e.g., via artist residencies, teacher mentoring, performances with student ensembles, etc.
• Examine existing successful model guest artist programs, e.g., programs of the Jazz Institute of Chicago.
• Recruit a team of music teachers (Educator Advisory Group) to serve as consultants that advise on development of the K-8 Guest Artist Program.
• Develop a multi-year Guest Artist Program plan, including the process for recruiting schools interested in hosting the Guest Artist programs.
• Collaborate with school staff and participating musicians to design each school-specific program.
• Oversee and support implementation of the Guest Artist program by school staff and the participating musicians.
• Manage the funds available to support start-up of this initiative.
• Complement, and assist as needed with, the work of other GMJC Program Coordinators and the Administrative Coordinator.
• Collaborate with GMJC’s Fund Development Consultant to identify sources of sustaining support for the new initiatives for which the K-8 Guest Artist Program Coordinator has lead responsibility.

Primary Qualifications: The ideal candidate will possess the following characteristics.

• Successful experience as a music teacher in a school setting, esp. a public elementary or middle school
• Successful experience as a working jazz musician who has conducted in-school jazz programming
• Successful program development experience, especially in a school or other youth-serving program setting
• Self-starter with demonstrated ability to take the initiative and work well independently under board oversight and guidance
• Excellent communication skills
• Demonstrated ability to work well in a team setting, including the ability to establish and maintain healthy and productive working relationships among group members and the ability to guide the group toward consensus about and achievement of a clear course of action
• Demonstrated ability to successfully manage a budget
• Commitment to the project through the end of the current grant period (i.e., at least through September 2014)